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Kura kura

Mental wellness made fun.

Positive psychology intervention, music reflection and mindfulness

Seamlessly integrated

Take charge of your mental health with just this small, simple actions.


for you

Gather personalised insights on your mental wellbeing through Kura Kura.

Fun to play
and use

Managing your mental wellness should not be a dreadful and boring task!

How it works

Grow together

earn ‘lilypads’ through various games and activities to watch baby kura grow


based on your reflections and our established wellness frameworks and sentiment analysis

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Tailored to you

fuss-free, easily integrated into your daily life and adapted to fit your important needs

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Take a peek into how Kura can be integrated into your life.

Kura Analytics

Track your progress through data driven and personalised insights.


The most productive people are those who are emotionally aware of their wellbeing.


All data collected remains strictly anonymous.

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